About us

Our Vision is to build websites for small companies and sole traders enabling them to tell their story online and to show case their ideas, products and services in a way which helps them fulfil their maximum potential.

Are you looking to enlarge your business?
We realise most small businesses aren’t getting the most from their websites. That’s why we at Bizz Websites create sites which engage the browser, resulting in potential customers.

We know the WEB is a very large place, so we specialise in getting your site known by the search engines and so maximise the attention your site receives. We want your site to be noticed as much as you do.

As technology moves on increasingly more people are buying and selling online, potentially causing issues for any business without an online presence. We build web and e-commerce solutions to get you noticed and to help fulfil your dreams/move your business to the next level.

We work with our clients to build the best bespoke website which fits their needs, this includes Website design, User experience, embodying clear vision
Asking the questions: How your customers see you? and How you see yourself?


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